We are completely open and transparent about the way we produce our spirits, whether they are House-made, sourced, or a marriage of the two. No matter which way we do it, each whiskey is shepherded with care and dedication at every stage of the process. All that hard work translates to rich flavors and textures that can’t be found anywhere else.


Homemade: Big Level

100% Distilled and aged in West Virginia

They say patience is rewarded, and our West Virginia-made whiskey is a testament to the wisdom of those words.

Utilizing the finest local grain, clean natural water, hard-earned expertise, and blessed with the optimal cadence of seasons for barrel-aging, we make our own whiskey in the heart of Appalachia, giving every step every ounce of our attention, and that commitment is evident in every sip.

Our business is born of West Virginia spirit, and it’s the hard-working people of our community that make it great. That’s why we call this range, simply and with great pride, Smooth Ambler.

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Procured: Old Scout

100% sourced carefully from quality producers

It’s pretty hard for a young distillery to make aged whiskey without a time machine, but there is a way to do it without compromising on quality.

We find the right barrels, not of our making but to our liking, acquired from a trusted source and made with all-American ingredients.

After tweaking and fine-tuning every detail of the flavor, texture, and depth, we release Old Scout - whiskies that we are proud to talk about and to share.

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Mingled: Contradiction

An exacting, unique and delicious blend of West Virginia made and Sourced whiskeys

We might be old school in our principles, but we do like to shake things up when there’s potential to make something delicious.

Contradiction represents a careful and exhaustively taste-tested convergence of the best of our other two ranges - marrying our West Virginia-made whiskey with our merchant-bottle sources.

Balanced, yet bold, the result is a delicious blend of straight whiskeys showcasing our knack for knowing good whiskey when we see it, and for knowing how to blend and tend the whiskey, every step of the way.

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