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  • Greenbrier Gin


    94 points, Wine Enthusiast; Top 50 Spirits of 2012, Wine Enthusiast; Bronze Medal, 2011 San Francisco Spirits Competition

    Tasting Notes:

    A ‘western’ or Americanized gin, it has a round mouth feel with citrus and spicy notes and while delivering juniper, backs off a bit from what one would expect of a typical London Dry.


    68% corn, 16% wheat, 16% malted barley

    Distillation Process:

    Using our Whitewater Vodka as the base, it’s quadruple distilled using a hybrid pot and column still.  Vapor infused house blend of juniper, coriander, cardamon, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel and black pepper.

    Source of Grains:

    Corn and wheat are locally sourced, organically-grown and non-GMO; malt is also non-GMO.

    Current Annual Production:

    5000-7500 bottles

    Greenbrier Gin

    Rebottled and bumped up to 90 proof, citrus forward with a bit of black-pepper spice, and light and pleasant Juniper note, Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin exudes the cool smoothness our brand-name implies.  Our gin is designed to have a rich and luxurious mouth-feel, without being overly “piney” like a lot of typical, by-the-book Dry, British gins.  Named for our home, the hills that surround us, and the birthplace of the pace of life where Smooth Ambler was born, Smooth Ambler Greenbrier Gin is served as well in a Gin and Ginger as it is in a classic Gin and Tonic – or wherever else you want it to Amble.


    “This Gin really sings, it’s perfect!”.  Rated 91 by American Craft Spirits