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Smooth Ambler Custom Barrel Program


Listed below are the general criteria for the Smooth Ambler Custom Barrel program. Custom barrels have become a fun and exciting part of our business, but the added time, labor, materials, and correspondence necessary to produce these custom jobs in a method (and a timeline) that is pleasing and effective to everyone involved requires that we outline a few requests and limitations.

  • A list of customers interested in custom barrels will be created by us beginning on January 1st of each year. Generally, we will work through that list on a first-come-first-served basis, in order to satisfy orders fairly. We will make every attempt to get samples out as quickly as possible, but a customer should expect it to take 6-8 weeks to receive samples once their placement on the list is confirmed. No samples will be sent after October 1st. This is to give us a buffer to successfully work through the custom jobs already in queue at that point, and to relieve pressure throughout the Holiday season on production and delivery. There will be a limited number of barrels available for the program in 2015. If that number is reached prior to the October 1st date, we will make an announcement that we’re closing the list for the year and begin again in 2016.


  •  After discussion with a customer, and where appropriate that customer’s sales rep, we will send samples of approximately 375ml of 3 different whiskey barrels from the rickhouse. These samples may be sent to the rep for presentation and tasting to the customer (our preference) or directly to the retailer. A customer has 2 weeks from when the samples leave our distillery (a date that we’ll confirm with all involved) to choose a barrel they’d like custom-bottled. If a customer should not approve a sample from the 3 provided, the sampled barrels will go back into general bottling production and the customer will return to the list and await additional samples as soon as we can provide them. If a customer chooses one of the samples to bottle, we will set that barrel aside, begin to discuss artwork and the production of the custom stamp the customer would like, and communicate bottling and ship dates when ready. No samples from a potential selection may be presented to a different customer than the intended without the consent of Smooth Ambler.


  • The generally expected turn-around time for production and delivery of a custom barrel is 90 days from the confirmed selection of the barrel.


  • Stamps will be produced in black ink only.


  • Repeat customers please note: A price increase on the Old Scout Whiskeys available in the custom program became effective January 1st, 2015



    We hope that these simple guidelines will help expedite the production of custom barrels and create better communication between all parties as to how our Custom Barrel Program works, and the timelines and expectations involved in it.

4 thoughts on “Smooth Ambler Custom Barrel Program”

  1. I am verry impressed of your whiskey .the taste is good and smooth.
    Best regarts

    Paul van Hamersveld


    1. Thank you Paul! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm – continue to look for great spirits from SAS. #StaySmooth #GetCivilized

  2. Aside from just getting lucky, is there any way to find out which retailers near me have selected barrels to sell? I live in the lower Hudson valley, within an hour or two of New York City, and most of Connecticut and New Jersey.


    1. Andrew – There is definitely a lot of luck involved w/ that hunt. But certainly, if you call the distillery directly, 304.497.3123, and let us know which retailers you frequent or are closest, then we might be able to help.

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