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SAS Releases Single Barrel, Cask Strength Old Scout Bourbon & Rye


For Immediate Release: MAXWELTON, WV (February 12.2014) Smooth Ambler proudly announces two new bottlings; Old Scout Bourbon/Single Barrel-Cask Strength and Old Scout Rye/Single Barrel-Cask Strength.

Like their cut versions, these whiskeys are non-chill filtered and are hand-selected by Smooth Ambler’s distillers for rare quality, character and smoothness. As the bottlings represent individual barrels at cask strength, each release promises distinct flavors and ranges in proof from 115 to 125.

Demand for these products has been significant as folks continue to embrace craft spirits and small batch producers:

“Our fans are as much a part of this process as we are and we lover hearing how they make Smooth Ambler their own. These single-barrel, cask strength whiskeys make that easier. Water it, don’t water it, put it in a great cocktail…you decide. For whiskey drinkers, it’s just exciting to have a bottle in your hands that is the purest expression of the effort that went into producing that spirit.” says John Little, owner and head distiller.

Smooth Ambler is taking orders now. Both products are currently available in New York, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, with more regions to come. Visit, “Where to Buy”, to see if your local spot has any available…if not, then ask them to secure some of this limited release now.

Smooth Ambler Spirits proudly hails from West Virginia and uses age-old “Appalachian know-how” to inform our entire production. Our love of the craft is apparent in every exceptional spirit we bring to market.

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