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Rocks Glass Round-Up


For your home bar, choose a glassware that reflects your personal style and is worthy of those awesome cocktails! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) City Maps Rocks Glasses by The Uncommon Green: $12.50/ea – many cities available

2) Set of 4 – Hand Printed Rocks Glasses by Vital: sold out – but check out all the OTHER awesome glassware these guys have!

3) Camper and Bacon Etched Whiskey Glasses at Bourbon& 2 for $35

4) Rikke Hagen’s Whiskey Glasses – so mod: 2 for $60

5) Amber Fez tumblers (4 for $11.96) and acrylic Aqua Pacific tumblers (2 for $5.98): Vintage style at great prices from World Market.

6) Etched Glass with Personalized Monogram, German Glass: $12/ea

Smooth Ambler logo rocks glasses, available at the distillery! Slightly taller than average rocks glasses, to hold more of the good stuff.

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