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Private/Custom Barrel Program Update 3/10/15


Smooth Ambler Private Barrel Selections – Update


Due to the overwhelming demand for privately selected Old Scout whiskey, and the rapid growth of the current waiting list of customers, we find it necessary to suspend any and all additions to the list at this time while we work through our existing commitments.

We are thrilled with the excitement and passion for Old Scout, and are immensely thankful for the business and support of our brand, but in order to take care of these obligations in a timely and effective manner, we are limiting participation in private barrels for the time being. Should availability open up later in this year, we’ll make another announcement as to the status of our Old Scout barrel program at that time.

All inquiries about the custom barrels should be directed to:

Thanks and cheers,


John Foster

Director of Sales

Smooth Ambler Spirits

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