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The Spirit of Craft Distilling

Appalachia has always been known for whiskey. Like the Scotch-Irish farmer-distillers and settlers who forged western Virginia from the surrounding jagged hills, we too, have built our homes and lives here. Engrained are the virtues of beauty, family, quality and hard work in everything we do; including the world class whiskeys and white spirits we produce. From grinding ourĀ  own carefully selected regional grains, to labeling and signing each bottle, Smooth Ambler does everything by hand, the old-fashioned way. Our folks have one goal; to create a truly rare drink you and your friends will never forget.


Complimenting our exceptional line of Appalachian Spirits is that of our Artisan Merchant Bottled products. From time to time in our travels we come across great spirits – not of our making, but of our liking – that might not otherwise be brought to market. In homage to the centuries-old Scotch & Irish practice of independent bottling, we take these exceptional products under our care. Once in West Virginia, they are further cultivated and then bottled faithfully and honestly. These whiskeys, which we call Old Scout, and now rum, known as Revelation Rum, are delivered to the marketplace as an Artisan Merchant Bottled product. They are finely made and are unlike anything we distill here in West Virginia, but are nonetheless smooth and delicious in ways we admire. Old Scout & Revelation spirits are very much our own kin and shown the same affection we show to our own juice. The finest in Appalachian Whiskey & Spirits, Smooth Ambler Spirits is “The Spirit of WV”!