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  • TAG Galyean
  • John Little
  • John Foster
  • Valerie Colella
  • Rebecca Loudermilk
  • Paul Jackson
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  • TAG Galyean

    President Emeritus

    Who would you love to share a Smooth Ambler Spirit with?

    My father and Mark Twain – a Rye Old Fashioned

    Drinking Wisdom?

    “Civilization begins with distillation” ~ William Faulkner

    Favorite Music?

    Appalachian Backwoods Country, 50’s Pop, All Jazz and French Saloon.  Julian Bream, Edith Piaf, Ella, Louie & Friends

    Most Memorable Drinking Experience?

    At 17 years old, being welcomed into an English neighborhood pub for a warm pint of bitters and then walking in the rain back to school

    What is one drink that everyone should try?

    Greenbrier Gin with ginger and lime


    TAG Galyean

    President Emeritus

    TAG is the President Emeritus and Co-Founder of Smooth Ambler Spirits. Born and raised in West Virginia, TAG moved at the age of 15 to begin his education and travels. Prior to moving back to West Virginia 1989, TAG was able to experience life in VA, CA, NYC, DC, HI and the UK. With roots now planted in the Lewisburg Historic District, TAG continues to live life to its fullest as an architect, designer, volunteer and devoted family man to his wife, 4 adult children and now 5 grandchildren.

    For years, TAG & John had been trying to find something that they could produce in WV; something to make fellow WV’s proud and that made use of the abundant natural resources in the Greenbrier Valley. While traveling from Denver in 2008, TAG came across an article in TIME Magazine about the growth of craft distilling. That article is responsible for the brainstorming and research that has created Smooth Ambler Spirits. With his extensive background in Architecture and Design, TAG was able to visualize and bring to life the personality of Smooth Ambler.

    “Smooth Ambler Spirits has a universal coolness. Its old school principals meet new school ideas, allowing it to mingle with suave, cool cocktail patrons, yet will stand tall amongst the speakeasies of yesterday. Good natured and good willed, it’s even better when enjoyed slowly through the night, amongst friends and away from the daily hustle.”

    Watching Smooth Ambler grow and a young team producing a world-class product in a great clubhouse where friends can visit and meet makes TAG proud of the character that SAS has developed and personified. Personally, he enjoys hearing that WV’s are proud of SAS; especially when they run across the spirits in unexpected locations during their travels.