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    Distiller and Production Manager

    Who would you love to share a Smooth Ambler Spirit with?

    My dad; he passed away in 1999. He really enjoyed a good Bourbon and I think he would have been a big fan of our spirits – especially with it being produced right here at home.

    Drinking Wisdom?

    No matter what you do…don’t become a statistic.

    Favorite Music?

    My tastes in music are pretty varied; everything from Rage Against the Machine to Neil Young. My thought has always been, you may not particularly like what I listen to, but you should at least respect the talent.

    What is one drink that everyone should try?

    All I can say on this one is Bourbon on ice. I never was a fan of mixes or cocktails. Good Bourbon will stand on its own.

    Paul Jackson

    Distiller and Production Manager

    Paul was born and raised here in the Greenbrier Valley of WV and chose to join the US Army straight out of high school.  After serving the Army as a Heavy Combat Engineer during his initial enlistment, Paul came back to Greenbrier County to put down roots.  Now married with two children, that’s a move that Paul is very proud of. After the tragedy of 9/11, Paul re-enlisted into the US Army as an Infantry Instructor and was deployed to Iraq in 2005, where he was later wounded in October of that same year. Paul is the recipient of the Purple Heart and was later medically discharged from the Army as a result of his injuries in Iraq. He found his way to Smooth Ambler Spirits in March of 2014. Occasionally his smiles light up the production floor. This phenomena has been affectionately dubbed by the team as witnessing “The Unicorn of Smooth Ambler.”