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    CEO & Master Distiller

    Who would you love to share a Smooth Ambler Spirit with?

    I’d like to spend more time sharing drinks with my family and friends. This whole ‘working for a living’ thing gets in the way of my personal life.

    Drinking Wisdom?

    “If you’re gonna be stupid, you better be tough.” ~ Mom

    Favorite Music?

    I have weird music tastes; Rage Against the Machine or old school country like Hank Williams Jr.

    What is one drink that everyone should try?

    For fun; Pickle Backs. For sipping; a proper Manhattan is hard to improve upon on.

    John Little

    CEO & Master Distiller

    John is the co-owner & Master Distiller of Smooth Ambler Spirits. Hailing from Roanoke Rapids, NC, John is proud to call Lewisburg, WV his home with his wife and two children. Personally, John strives to be the best friend, husband and father that he can be all while trying to sell hooch. He is an avid sports fan, of all sports, especially when his children are playing. Fish everywhere fear him; lucky for the fish, John doesn’t get to throw the line in the water nearly as often as he would like. He’ll also tell you that to truly appreciate WV you have to spend time on her beautiful rivers in the summer or in her wooded hills in the fall. That and the people of WV (always proud) are her majesty.

    Pure nepotism is what brings John to the SAS family. John and his father-in-law started the business in 2009. For years the duo had been trying to find something that they could produce in WV; clothes, furniture, you name it. On a trip from Denver, TAG read an article in TIME Magazine about the growth of craft distilling. TAG then placed the article on John’s desk with the words, “We can do this in your garage”. John says, “I fell in love with the concept and that’s what set us down this path”. That very article, with TAG’s initial notes, hangs in the Tasting Room today; “It’s our manifesto”.