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Flattery or Frustration


This morning, John Foster (our sales guru), sent me a link to another Merchant Bottler called “Barrell Bourbon”. Both of us were shocked at the amazing similarities of their story to ours. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Here’s our sales copy from three years ago:
“Our mindset on Old Scout is simple. We have the means to bring to market really smooth and delicious, aged whiskies that might otherwise not see the light of day; or might see it by being diluted or blended in some terribly undrinkable way that the distiller never intended.”

Here’s our story, on the back label, from 3 years ago:
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon is a fine, curated whiskey; scouted in our efforts to find an exceptional American Whiskey with smoothness and flavor we admire.

Here’s Barrel Bourbon’s Story on their website:
Many exceptional whiskeys never reach the discerning palates of those who would most appreciate them. Barrell’s mission is to find and curate the best barrels and batches of whiskey, wherever they may be. Left alone, this product would likely be forgotten or blended with other whiskeys, forfeiting its unique flavor and style.

Look familiar?

We try our best to not speak poorly of our competitors; we all have bills to pay. But it does look like they just knocked off our story

4 thoughts on “Flattery or Frustration”

    1. Ian – Good catch, we haven’t added one as yet. Please call us directly w/ questions, 304.497.3123. #StaySmooth #GetCivilized

  1. It can look that way. Or maybe you just inspired others to do the same thing. Delicious and best mean different things to different palates. I haven’t tried their offerings, but for the sake of variety I hope that they are looking for something different than you are.
    I’m enjoying an Old Scout right now, and am glad that you found it!

    1. Peter – Thank you for your support. Always great to hear when someone is enjoying one of our spirits! #StaySmooth #GetCivilized

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