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Dirty Dozen Interview – Molly Wellman


Where do you bartend: I have 3 ( soon to be 4) Bars in the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area. Japp’s , Neons Unplugged , Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, and soon, Myrtles Punch House. Magic happens everyday at all locations!

Nickname or Porn Name: My real name is Molly Ann Sarah Wellman. My nicknames are Mols, Moose, Doobs, Molita, Betty. I call myself “Stella Dallas” when I’m all decked out!

Last Song You Listened To On Purpose: ”Break It to Me Gently” by Brenda Lee.

Something You Loved To Drink When You Were 21 That You Still Do: A really good gin martini…still love them!

Most Recent Piece of Advice You Gave Someone: ”When you show up for your shift , you are hosting your own cocktail Party. Treat everyone who walks into the bar as they are guests in your house.”

Favorite Cartoon Ever: I love old cartoons from the 1930s however, I really get a kick out the Minions from Despicable Me!

Obsolete Device You Miss Most (Pager, Rotary Phone, Cassette Tapes, etc…): I miss having a rotary phone. I like the sound.

Drink That Isn’t Ordered Often Enough: A drink that is absolutely fantastic that I wish more folks would order is called “Queens Park Swizzle.” Swizzles are fun!

Star Treck or Star Wars: …Come on guys I’m not that kind of nerd…I remember seeing Star Wars at the drive in.

Hangover Helper that Actually Works: Hot camomile tea with a shot of Smooth Ambler Old Scout in it.

Other Current Bartender You Admire: Camper English in San Francisco. He owns Smuggler Cove and keeps us on top of the industry thru a blog called

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