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Dirty Dozen Interview – Hunter Johnson


Where do you bartend: Lucky Restaurant, Roanoke, VA

Nickname or Porn Name: Don’t have one.

Last Song You Listened To On Purpose: Three Six Mafia—Roll With It (they refer to a bourbon company and cranberry vodka)

Something You Loved To Drink When You Were 21 That You Still Do: Pabst Blue Ribbon. Although at the time it was only because you could take a cooler of it to a party and sit it in the middle of 100 people and no one would touch it. Now, it’s because maybe it will give me some credibility with the young hipster kids.

Most Recent Piece of Advice You Gave Someone: I just told a musician friend of mine that he should become a bartender. Because bar tending is a good job for musicians.

Favorite Cartoon Ever: Foghorn Leghorn

Obsolete Device You Miss Most (Pager, Rotary Phone, Cassette Tapes, etc…): The Walkman, CD version. Love how it used to skip.

Drink That Isn’t Ordered Often Enough: Cosmopolitan (just kidding). Bourbon on the rocks.

Star Treck or Star Wars: Star Wars

Hangover Helper that Actually Works: Lots of Sleep

Other Current Bartender You Admire: Jeffery Morganthaler


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