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Dirty Dozen Interview – Alexander Strange


Where do you bartend: Peated, (Opens in June, NYC)

Nickname or Porn Name: Stranger Danger

Last Song You Listened To On Purpose: ”Pennyweight” by After the Burial

Something You Loved To Drink When You Were 21 That You Still Do: White Russians

Most Recent Piece of Advice You Gave Someone: “Stop yelling.”

Favorite Cartoon Ever: Metalocalypse

Obsolete Device You Miss Most (Pager, Rotary Phone, Cassette Tapes, etc…): I had a pager when I was 12 and I thought I was the coolest kid in the world. However, cassette tapes are rad. I would love to use tapes again.

Drink That Isn’t Ordered Often Enough: A Jack Rose. It’s simple and delicious. Kind of like the manly version of the cosmo.

Star Treck or Star Wars: “…I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Hangover Helper that Actually Works: Pedialyte

Other Current Bartender You Admire: Eric Job of Amor and Amargo. To see someone at Eric’s age and with that much raw talent, people skills, and enthusiasm for what he does is inspiring. He makes it look effortless and is a reminder of all the great things that come from working in this industry. #losientoporfiesta


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