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Custom Barrel Update


Here’s a little piece to keep you all informed of the status of our custom barrels projects……

“Since its inception two years ago, the Custom Barrel program at Smooth Ambler has been met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic response and support from distributors and customers alike. As we (and it) have grown, however, we find it necessary to revisit the way in which we conduct this important and lucrative part of our business. Effective immediately, there will be no new samples sent from the distillery and no additions to the list for barrel picks until after January 1st, 2015. As of this morning, the list of current samples and those yet to be pulled exceeds 50 customers. It will be all we can manage to satisfy these orders in a timely and effective manner between now and the end of the year.

All commitments that we’ve made previously and all samples currently in play will be honored, of course.

We are extremely grateful it has grown to be as popular an addition to our business at is has. While we are not anxious to exclude anyone, nor do we want to restrict participation in the program to such a degree as to cause unneeded frustration, producing these Custom Barrels is costly and extremely labor intensive for us and the manner and frequency with which we approach the program needs to be adjusted and revised.

Between now and the beginning of the New Year, we will devise a new, more efficient, and more limited system for conducting Custom Barrel sales. Details of that effort will be broadcast closer to January 2015.


John Foster
Director of Sales
Smooth Ambler

4 thoughts on “Custom Barrel Update”

  1. Hi,
    I have heard rumors that the Smooth Ambler 10 Year Bourbon may be on its last legs and that it will be come increasingly scarce in future. Is this true? I just want to know if I should stock up on the recent release that hit stores in November. Thanks.

    1. It is true that SAS Old Scout products, not just the 10 year, have an end, they are terminal so to speak. The inventory of barrels that were purchased and are now bottled as Old Scout, will someday come to an end. The barrels that are known as the 10 Year (a lower rye mash-bill) are lower in numbers than the 7 year (a higher rye mash-bill). Bottom line, when you find something enjoy, HOARD IT!! #StaySmooth #GetCivilized

  2. Dear Mr. Foster,

    I’d love to get on the list for one of your barrel picks. I am part of a whiskey group out in San Diego. We have a number of members who are big fans, and we are looking to get one of your barrel picks for our group. Long story short, I’m heading up that effort. So, any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


    Ray Ayers

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